Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bonus Post: A small guest visits Louise

Louise was in the office today. Her moring was off to a good start, but she quickly fell ill, and threw up twice while at work. Luckily they are pretty dog-tolerant there, so I was able to clean up the mess and carry on with my day (and caring for a dog that was still not feeling great.)

At one point while Louise was sleeping it off and I was in a meeting, someone took a few photos with my camera. I didn't realize they were there even when I got home and uploaded them.

It was hours later when I went searching for photos to be used in tomorrow's post that I saw these gems.I suppose I could make up an elaborate story about Rock 'n Roll dreams but honestly at the time I think she was opting for unconsciousness over whatever stomach pain she was having.

Later, when Louise and I were coming home, she did get her appetite back and now appears to be quite normal again. I guess the twenty-four hour flu in dog years only lasts about three hours, which would be about right.

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