Saturday, June 07, 2008

Burgers and Beer

Tonight was one of those nights where we had a simple meal, but I loved it so much. I kind of aggravate my wife that way sometimes, since there are nights when she will cook something really spectacular and my response is something like 'yeah, it was alright' and then other nights when she effortlessly puts something together and I rave about it for weeks. I'm thinking tonight might have been one of those nights, because man, those burgers were good.

Louise thought so too - the small one on the grill was for her (note it even had a slice of cheese on it.) The colour difference is due to the fact that hers did not have any spices in it, so it is just a plain ground turkey burger. Of course, no burger is complete without a cold drink, so last night the three of us headed over to the local liquor store to pick up some beer. Louise and I waited outside while Holly darted inside to brave the lengthy checkout line (it was a Friday night, afterall) and we amused ourselves by taking some pictures. Ok, ok, I amused myself and Louise tolerated my camera. Either way, the result is that we have these pictures to share with you.

Now I realize that I'm working backwards here, but the night we got beer, we also happened to have lamb steaks (and beer.) I took this photo shortly after the steaks came off the grill and before we had a chance to sit down and eat them. As you can see by the photo, Louise was monitoring the situation closely and if you look at her eyes, you can see the 'good' and 'evil' thoughts racing through her head as the decision to steal a steak weighed heavily on her mind. I am happy to report that there were no pug fatalities that night - Louise was a good girl and waited until one of us eventually threw her a bone.


Sandy said...

I just noticed Louise's rescue story. For her to have such a (at least from a distance view) happy nature most of the time is truly a credit to you as well as her own temprament.

iTripped said...

Yeah, I just added that link recently. She is a special dog but part of the credit also goes to my wife who spends most of the time caring for her.