Friday, June 06, 2008

Denny's to the rescue

Every now and then I step out to pick up some dessert and the other night I also had to take Louise out for her walk. I decided to combine the two things into one, and this photo is the result. Luckily, the people at Denny's were tolerant of Louise being in the store, even though we had to stay at the entrance (hence the welcome mat in the picture).

It was raining that night, and that is my umbrella at the top of the photo. Louise was super excited to be inside an actual Denny's store (she walks by it a lot, and we can tell that she likes the smell.) The waitresses were surprised to hear that Louise is as old as she is - they assumed she was still a pup because of her size. When we left, we heard a chorus of 'bye, Louise!' from both of them, which softened the blow of leaving Denny's without actually giving the pug any food.

Maybe next time, if you are lucky, Louise.

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