Sunday, March 30, 2008

The difference a day makes

Today we woke up to sunshine. Well, not directly into our bedroom since that is quite shaded, but for the rest of Vancouver, it has been a pretty sunny day. Louise and I headed out first to the dog park, where we met some of the usual crowd as well as this large fellow, an English Mastiff. Louise was right at home with this big guy, and they hung out for a bit before we moved around to say hi to some of the other dogs.

Here is another dog, and as you can see, Louise was poking around to see if he did have eyes under that hair. She really liked his owner because he had a bag of treats. After some mild harassment, we moved on because the dog park was close to a mud pit and we needed dryer ground.

That meant a walk down Davie Street to get to the sea wall. You would never know that Vancouver had snow just the day before from here! It was completely gone, unlike our shady street. Louise enjoyed meeting the crows, showing off for various people and generally checking things out.

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