Tuesday, April 01, 2008

New friends at the dog park and night time eyes

Louise and I were at the dog park and we met a family of three pugs. One was only a couple years old, while the other two were even older than Louise, aged somewhere around eleven or twelve years each. One of the older ones had this silly look on her face because her tongue hung out the side of her mouth.

As usual, these pugs were all good natured and didn't mind spending some time with Louise and the other dogs. We let them run around until the sunshine disappeared behind the buildings and then it was time to go.

Later that night I had Louise out for her walk and I took a few photos with the flash. I like how her eyes glow blue and green, instead of red like humans. Because Louise is crosseyed, her eyes also tend to reflect different colours instead of the same one.

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Sandy said...

Wow! She looks very spooky in that last picture ;-)