Saturday, March 29, 2008

Making tracks in the snow

Today's weather was a bit unexpected as the rain turned to snow. Louise thought she must be back in Vernon with all this white stuff. Several times today I offered to take her for a walk and she wasn't interested. It was raining pretty hard at the time, to be fair, and one of the times I asked her was when Holly was carving up some turkey. Not many pugs will pass up a show like that, no matter how badly they need to go for a walk. Even after dinner, she was hesitant to head out in case the cats happened to get an extra piece of turkey without her around to 'supervise.'

One of the cool things about walking Louise in snow (pun intended) is that you can see where she has been. This gets interesting when she is about ready to do her business, as the usual behaviour is to start circling around the spot she has chosen.

I'm not sure if this is a small dog behaviour, or a pug-specific, or unique to just Louise. I doubt it is any of the three, actually. Some dogs do this, others don't. I just think it makes for interesting swirly tracks in the snow.

Of course, this also meant that cars were making more noise than usual as they went by. As most of you are already aware, Louise has a fascination with the automobile. Hearing a car drive by in the slush and snow became a big distraction for her but I'm happy to say that she was good today and did not give in to the chase. But it took more than a little encouragement to keep her on task as those nasty SUVs drove by.


Sandy said...

I love to hear about Louise. She is simply adorable! I really love the circles--BTW did the cats scarf all the turkey while you were gone?

iTripped said...

Heh. No, but there is plenty left over for today and beyond so I am sure that all three of them will have full bellies again pretty soon.