Sunday, August 05, 2007

Yard Sale

We had a yard sale this weekend and that meant Louise was required to do her best at persuading potential customers into buying something from us.

Overall, this kind of activity is not that much fun for her as she basically just lounged around either on the grass (as pictured) or in her stroller. The sun eventually came out and when it did, we were caught on the sunny side of the street. I got a little bit of sunburn on my arms and Louise had to find things to hide behind to get some shade.
Overall, the yard sale was a success. We got rid of a lot of things (not all of it, sadly) and made a little money for our troubles. What did not sell will probably go up on craigslist or get given to charity.

While it was boring for Louise, at least she got to meet lots of people and new dogs. That is generally the best part of any outing for her, so I think she adjusted quickly to the 'wait and let them come to me' approach.

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