Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It's a magical place

We live in an interesting neighborhood filled with all sorts of creative people. For example, this sculpture of a toadstool was created by an artist who signed her work as 'me jane' - I remember seeing her working on it, placing each of the little porcelain pieces, etc. I am personally fond of the two frogs she got to accompany it. Anyhow, Louise was being good so I had her pose for a more formal shot than usual. This is the result.

It was later in the evening and I had to adjust my little camera phone to get a decent photo. That meant using the 'night mode' setting, which does make the camera more sensitive to light and colour, but also slows down processing time considerably. This meant that Louise had to sit very still for about ten seconds while the phone did it's thing. It also meant I had to hold the phone very still to avoid blurring. Yeah, I know, the dog did a better job of staying still than I did.

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LMizzle said...

Hey! I drove by that last night!