Friday, August 10, 2007

Greedy at the Night Market

We were at the night market once again, and as usual, had to get some tasty treats from the 'food court'. It's not really a food court like you would imagine, but rather just all the food vendors are grouped together. It does make it easy because when you want food, you know where to go for it.

Anyway, we usually get a variety of stuff including lamb kabobs (ie. meat on a stick) which we will usually give Louise some as a treat. Once we start doing this, she gets VERY excited and pays close attention to what we have in-hand.

Overall, it was a pleasant night out because there were fewer people at the market, making it less crowded. I don't think we will go to the night market without the stroller in the future - it is just too handy for keeping Louise in place and preventing accidents like people stepping on her toes, etc.

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LMizzle said...

Those photos are great. She looks very concerned with what food she'll be getting.