Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Seawall adventures (with geese!)

On the way into work yesterday, we stopped at the Seawall to stretch our legs and give Louise a chance to 'prepare herself' for a long day at the office.

In the parking lot, we stumbled across some geese who were clearly still sleepy. They let us get much closer than I expected and didn't wander off until Louise was practically beside them. Even then, it was a lazy, half hearted attempt to get out of our way.

After that, it was a short walk down to the seawall. This took us past the AIDS memorial and then to the paved walkway alongside the wall.

There were a few joggers out that morning, but no dogs for Louise to meet. She was okay with that though, as she was more interested in exploring the area, and getting a feel for her new harness. We saved romping in the water for another day, and settled for a game of 'jump the cracks in the seawall' instead. After all, we did have to go to work today.

One thing that was of particular interest to Louise was the water. She has not had a lot of opportunity to be around the ocean, so I suppose waves are a bit strange to her. Here you can see her taking a good look at what is going on down below. She seems to have no fear of heights, or at least, her fear is less than mine. I am the one tugging on her leash telling her to be more careful around the edge.

Yeah, just a little protective, I know.

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