Monday, March 12, 2007

Louise finds another lap to sit on

I brought Louise into the office again today and in short order she found a new lap to sit in. Which was actually good for me, as I had a few meetings this morning.

Most people at the office were commenting on her new 'handle' which you can see in this picture. We got her a new harness from a local pet store (I can't remember which one right now, sorry!) and really like it. The construction seems to be much more sturdy than ones we have had in the past, and the hemp actually makes it softer which causes her less irritation. This is good, since Louise is not really a big fan of harnesses.

After a tiring day of chasing folks into meeting rooms, a pug eventually needs to have a nap. Even then, the other people continue to be amazed at all the little pug noises that they hear, be it snoring, barking, wheezing or even just breathing. At least the floors are carpeted so they don't hear the tap tap tap of her toenails.


LMizzle said...

Oh my gosh she has the happiest little pug face!

rpm said...

Lucky Louise!!! I hope she is getting paid very well for making people smile at the job.