Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Moving day

The picture is a little blurry, but you can get a sense of how tightly things were packed in as we left Vernon with all of our stuff. Louise rode with me in the U-Haul truck, while my wife drove the rental car and was accompanied by the cats.

Louise was pretty excited at first, what with all the other cars she was able to see. (She still has a fascination with cars and tries to catch up to them. When she can't, she will sputter and moan and eventually bark in frustration.) Luckily for me, these are tiresome activities and she quickly wore out. She spent most of the trip asleep in her bed.

We arrived in Vancouver a few hours behind schedule, but very much intact and with high spirits. Unloading took us two days but at least we can say we are in our new place now. Lots of boxes yet to unpack, but we can deal with that. Louise seems to be okay with the new arrangement. She was really only concerned with where her food and water bowls were going to be, and with how many walks she can expect in a given day.


LMizzle said...

Ooooooh, Vancouver! I am moving there in 6 months!

rpm said...

I can't wait to see Louise adventures in Vancouver.

iTripped said...

Her adventures have begun! It was kind of dark tonight so I did not get any pictures, but we went for a walk along the sea wall, which is only a couple blocks away.

She is definately car crazy, and we are working on that (I suggested a 12 step program, but it fell on deaf ears) but Louise is sure loving the increased dog traffic. More adventures are soon to follow. For now, we are busy with the unpacking.