Saturday, March 17, 2007

Playing in a new park

We had to get some groceries from a local spot, and decided to take Louise along for the walk. Her walks have been getting longer these days, in part because we combine them with these little errand runs. While my wife went into the store to collect up what we needed, Louise and I crossed the street to hang out in one of the many little parks in the downtown area. This one had an extensive water fountain that she could play in - as it turned out, she was more interested in it because she was thirsty, but wasn't quite tall enough to reach down to the water level. So Louise tried at many different times to get a drink, only to have to reposition herself. Eventually she was able to get a few slurps from one of the concrete 'lilly pads'.

There are two distinct side-effects of all of these long walks for Louise. One, she is getting in fantastic shape - so much so that people are commenting on how fit she looks. The other side effect is that on the day following a walk, Louise sleeps a LOT. Sometimes she sleeps so much that my wife gets a little concerned. I'd be concerned too if I was the one at home, seeing that my dog hasn't decided to get up yet, at about 3:00 pm.

If you haven't noticed, I'm also trying a few things with multiple pictures in these posts, as often one or two just does not convey the moment I am writing about. And of course, I'm having minor layout issues.

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LMizzle said...

Wow, what park is that?! That's a beautiful fountain!