Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sophie steals the spotlight

Sometimes it just has to be done. Sophie couldn't let Louise get ALL the attention. So here is a little information about our first cat.

Sophie was named after Sophia Loren, but she has to be a bad kitty for us to resort to calling her that. [editor note: Louise felt it was important to inform the readers that this happens quite often, and is usually deserved.]

We adopted Sophie from the SPCA and only had her for a few months when tragedy struck - Sophie was snooping in a closet and well, we aren't really sure what happened next, but by the time my wife discovered her, she was clearly in a lot of pain. After a Sunday trip to the vet, it was explained to us that Sophie had a broken leg.

Recovery was slow, expensive and tiring. Sophie had to have several operations to repair her leg and get things set straight. Night after night, my wife slept next to Sophie in front of the fireplace until she was better. This cat earned the nickname 'Nurse Sophie' when she managed to untie and pull out her own stitches, despite wearing one of those head cones designed to prevent that very thing.

Okay, okay - I really just wanted to post this picture of Sophie, and didn't feel like creating YAPB (yet another pet blog.)

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