Saturday, February 18, 2006

Wearing Olympic colours today

Louise is wearing her red sweater today to show support for the Canadian athletes competing in Torino, Italy. She was particularly impressed with the skeleton event, and figures that would be one race she could do. If you look at some of the earlier pictures posted here, you can see she would have very good form.

Today was also a good day because we were able to return to the dog park, which is Louise's favorite training facility. I tried to get some good 'action shots' but she's just so darned fast at running that the pictures were either blurry or she was only half in the picture!

Anyway, congratulations to all the athletes who have been competing (or are still competing) in the games. It's been fun to watch from home.


Alicat said...

Hi there!

I am probably way too late to get this to you in time--but I am hosting an impromptu edition of weekend dog blogging again this weekend...
Visit this link to find out more about weekend dog blogging:

shoot me an email if you want to participate! :o)

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Louise, you look very sharp in that Olympic sweater. Perhaps the pug nation will be fully established by the 2010 Games, and you will be able to represent your canine country.