Friday, February 17, 2006

Some outdoor photos

It has been a while since I posted any outdoor photos of Louise, so here are a couple recent ones. While the weather might be kind of cold here, at least we haven't had much snow to contend with. Or maybe that's why we haven't had too much snow. Anyhow, this first one is of Louise running to catch up to us on a quiet street. We aren't able to have Louise off-leash on the busier streets, but this one is a dead end and traffic is very minimal, so as long as Louise keeps coming when she is called, then we allow it. (She has lost off-leash privileges before, when she has refused to return to us when called. Louise refuses to talk about this.)

This next one is simply a closer picture of her on the street, although I think she was watching me stomp mud off my shoes at the time. Louise thought that was hilarious, and was hoping I would kick some mud for her to chase. Don't ask, I really don't know why she likes to chase mud and rocks.

Anyway, as I mentioned it's getting pretty cold around here lately. Last night we had to break out her sweater again, just to keep her warm. At least her paws weren't getting frostbitten like they did during last year's cold snap.

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mypugsblog said...

Louise is so awesome - I love her grey muzzle.

Meimei las some off-leash issues as well... but will always come when "cookie" is called! :)