Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day from Louise

Last night while watching TV, Louise decided to take a nap on the sofa. This is quite normal for her, as she will typically start off cuddled up to me or my wife, and then get too warm.

So off she went, to settle down on the other sofa. But somehow, it just wasn't as comfortable as the laps from before. Louise tried to find a good spot, but eventually decided that she had to take matters into her own paws and modify her surroundings.

Louise started digging at the blanket on the sofa, pulling it into place.

After much digging Louise had finally pulled the blanket into a comfortable pile for her to sleep on. Her artificial lap. The last thing she told me before she drifted off to sleep was "make sure you tell all my fans to have a happy Valentine's day tomorrow."

Yes Ma'am, will do.

1 comment:

megs said...

Louise is the greatest! I feel like I know her personally. Oh, the illusion of the Internet!

I can't wait until I can have a pug...