Sunday, February 19, 2006

A get well message for Sweetnicks

We got an email from Alicat informing us that Sweetnicks isn't feeling too well and was in for some tests. Who the heck is Sweetnicks, you ask? Well to be honest, we don't really know - but Louise was ready to take action as soon as she heard the news. We were asked to post a photo of Louise at some point this weekend and then to email Alicat so she could link to it on her site. (?) I hope I got that right. The blog post with the details is found over here, for those who are interested.

So the photo we are featuring today is Louise in the early morning, after a hard day of running through the dog park. Sweetnicks, I am here to say that Louise feels your pain. As a dog who is forced to live with three cats, Louise understands suffering. She hopes you recover quickly.


Alicat said...

hehe..thank you so much for participating! Sweetnicks is a gal who normally hosts the 'weekend dog blogging' event held every weekend. So if anyone is interested, they can usually contact her to get involved. It is just a way for us bloggers to share pics of the pups. :o) And you got it right -- I post a roundup this Sunday night with pics of all the doggies.
Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Loved Louise's story, what a lucky dog to find a forever home now,,hugs to her and Sweetnicks,,hope you are feeling better soon,,,from Morgan3yr old handsome boy and Shyanne, 2yr old terror of a girl pug.!