Thursday, February 02, 2006

Can we get a non-compete clause?

So last night we had Louise barking at the laptop again, just for kicks and I was hoping to get a good photo of that. Unfortunately, whenever it looked like a good shot, the camera was not close by. Or when I had the camera, Louise was in the mood to eat, etc.

So I took a picture of Roscoe while I waited. That went over like a lead balloon.

As soon as I did, Louise came over and 'presented' herself for the camera, even though she was kind of sleepy. It's funny how she gets jealous over the strangest things sometimes. What we were commenting on last night though was how she doesn't mind Roscoe lounging right next to her food at all. Normally she is overly protective of her food, to the point where she will charge at the cats for merely walking in the general direction of the foodbowl. Yet Roscoe is allowed to even share water with Louise. It's a strange alliance with those two, but that's okay - it sorta balances things out with the others.

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