Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Louise was also 'working' on the weekend

While at the office this weekend, Louise somehow found the time to do a photo shoot. My co-worker just happened to have his digital camera with him and he couldn't resist taking pictures of such a seasoned professional as Louise.

This is the best of the shots he took, although in a much higher resolution than what I can offer here. Still, you can see how she prefers to use my sweatshirt as a blanket, and has found a place on my desk instead of below it. This was so that she could peer out the windows to keep an eye on the doberman next door.

My co-worker thought it was funny when she started to bark at the dog outside. He apparently does not realize what serious business this is. But then again, he doesn't have a dog of his own, so we can't expect him to know.

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rpm said...

You must pay her time and a half for guarding you all.