Monday, January 30, 2006

Boring weekend for Louise

This hasn't been the best weekend for Louise. The visitors we had aren't staying at our place any more, so there are fewer people for Louise to play with. Also, on Sunday we were busy doing some more renovation work at home, so again, people were too busy to play.

Our little dog was a little depressed with the changes.

Of course, we knew this would happen, so when she started moping around, we would take time to interact with her, and if she wanted to sleep until 4:30 pm, we wouldn't let her. On her walks, I let her interact with any people or dogs we encounter, since she likes that so much. Anyway, while at work I let her nap on my sweatshirt, which she liked. But since I had a banana at work, and was obliged to share with Louise, the sweatshirt had to come home to be laundered to get out the banana stains.

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