Monday, February 06, 2006

Barking at the computer

As I mentioned, we got some good pictures of Louise barking at the computer. Our usual source for entertainment is simply Google Video. From there we search out short videos of dogs barking, and play it. That's about it, Louise is easy to entertain.

It has proven to be hazardous for the laptop's health.

So we take precautions, and we generally try to make sure that we settle Louise down before it gets too late at night. We can't have angry neighbors starting to complain about our noisy dog, now can we?

This technique has proven to be quite effective for those rainy days when Louise has energy but has decided to take short walks due to the weather. As you can see in the second picture, after some initial barking, she will sometimes move around the living room to find a better place to bark from. In this case, I think she thought Roscoe was in trouble, because she ran over to where he was and appeared to be defending him.

And yes folks, this is a rare TRIPLE PHOTO POST. Only here on Heavy Breathing will you see such extravagance. Okay okay, all kidding aside, I did tell you that we took a lot of pictures a little while back, and these are just a few.

But you know, for as ferocious and agitated as Louise appears to get, her tail just keeps on wagging like nobody's business and she is always happy and friendly towards us. Just look at that smile.

And you remember how she was acting all depressed and bored when I went back to work after Christmas? Well we don't see that behaviour from her so much any more. I guess the added stimulation and interaction has helped to keep her from getting bored.

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mypugsblog said...

Haha - I love when Pugs smile - it's the best thing in the world to look at!