Friday, February 10, 2006

Treat fuelled energy

Popeye has his spinach. Pac Man has the powerdot. I am sure there are others who also recieve 'powerups'. In that vein of thought, Louise has her treats.

In this picture, you can tell that she is keeping her eye on the prize. I would say it looks like she is climbing invisible stairs, but that's just me.

Louise isn't one of those dogs who can walk around on two legs indefinately. Sure, she can get up on her hind legs for treats, but she loses interest and is back on all four relatively quickly unless she's getting rewarded. It's almost like you can here her thinking "Okay, if I'm not getting the treat soon, you can forget it. I'm not standing on my hind legs for you all day. I'm too old for this nonsense." And by that I do not mean to say that Louise is old - rather that she's not young and naive like some pup fresh from the litter. (I tell ya, the disclaimers needed on this site just to keep the star happy. But I digress.)

Anyhow, this weekend I should be able to post some shots my wife took of Louise and I trying to stay awake while watching TV on the couch.

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