Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Pug in Blankets

One surefire way to settle down Louise is to sit down and let her cuddle into my lap. This is often handy if we have to go out someplace that doesn't invite dogs. Wal-Mart, or the doctor would be examples of such places.

So here I am settling down the dog before returning to work. The biggest problem is that it's also an effective method of settling ME down too...


Melinda said...

So cute - she looks like Yoda. :) My favorite things is I am lying on the couch and our pug puppy curls up on my chest for a nap, planting her squat little pug-butt firmly in my face.

iTripped said...

Yeah, see I'm not so much a fan of that position - the risk is too high for inhaling pug farts.

I usually turn Louise around when in that situation.