Monday, January 09, 2006

The slippery slope of sleeping on laps

When Louise sleeps, she sleeps HARD. Here are a couple pictures of her napping on my lap. Or well, it started out that way. Eventually she started to slip off to the side, but was really just too tuckered out to do anything about it.

In some ways, she is like a little soldier. Able to nap just about anywhere, any time. Then, if there is activity, she's able to get up and participate. Well, most times, anyway.

On a side note, the standoff between Louise and Sophie continues, but at a relaxed pace. If one of the cats gets energetic and starts running, well Louise is eager to chase. But she leaves 'em alone so long as they are relaxed and stay out of her food bowl.

On this particular occasion, I think she was trying to tell us that she wasn't thrilled with what was on TV. Sometimes she can be so picky about what to watch. She does like seeing other dogs on TV, and will bark at them when they appear. Or even when she just happens to hear dog voices in the background of a TV show.

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mypugsblog said...

Our Meimei barks at other dogs on TV all the time, and she loved that Telus - Hippo commercial during the Christmas season! What goofs they are, but that's what makes us love um! Great blog!