Thursday, November 03, 2005

Waiting in the parking lot

Louise and I were waiting in the parking lot while 'Mommy' ran in to the grocery store to get a few vegetables. This is where I spend a lot of time with Louise - in the car. She knows the golden rule: don't get on my lap while I'm driving, but sometimes gets excited and forgets. Still, one of the rules Louise has is that if we are parked, she is getting on my lap... and I better roll down the window too.

Once on my lap, Louise likes to scan the parking lot for, you know, stray dogs and stuff. Or cats. Or friendly people. She's not real particular, so long as she either has someone pay attention to her, or she gets to bark her head off. (usually at other dogs or cats, but in today's case, just for the fun of it.)

I couldn't decide which photo to post, so here are both.

As a bit of an update, we also dropped by the vet today to get more occular cream. It seems to be working, I guess. Louise still gets 'eye boogers' but she seems to have less irritation in her eyes. (At least, when I'm poking around her eyes with a tissue, they don't seem so red and swollen as they used to be.) We still have to get after her for rubbing her eyes but not nearly as often now. Hopefully it's doing some good.


Rae said...

I made a homemade saline solution for Layla and it works nicely to combat eye boogers. They're still gross as hell though!!

iTripped said...

I dunno. I'm starting to understand people with kids, who casually wipe the snot from little noses with their bare hands. NOT THAT I ADVOCATE THAT SORT OF THING. But I'm definately getting used to eye boogers. Morning boogers are still grossest though.

Having said that, I think we are starting to see some progress with the occular lube. All week, we have noticed fewer boogers, and more importantly, her eyes seem to be well lubricated and clear, even before we give her the lube job.

Of course, maybe it's a side effect from giving her a treat twice a day now. (It's how we motivate her to endure us poking into her eyes.)