Monday, October 24, 2005

Gang of dogs

Gang of dogs
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Fall is here whether I like it or not. Yesterday we had the first frost and a lot of the leaves have already fallen to the ground. I was missing the summer weather, and was reviewing some of the pictures we took of Louise during that time when I discovered this one.

This was taken on the day we took Louise to Kal Lake to see if she could swim. There were about half a dozen dogs at the dog beach that day, and this is one picture I got of the group of them. Dogs on a beach generally don't fight, they are too busy running in and out of the water, and generally playing to care about marking territory and stuff like that.

I like this picture because it gives a good sense of how small Louise is when compared to other dogs. She tends to think of herself as much bigger than she is, and here you can see how she feels like this is the group she belongs to. There was another dog roughly her size at the beach that day, but he wasn't interested in the rough play of the bigger dogs and kept trying to wander off to be alone. When she was with him, Louise tended to herd him back into the group.


erinator said...

so can she swim?

iTripped said...

Yeah, she swims, but she prefers to keep to the shallow water. She doesn't like getting splashed in the face too much, and is still learning how to do the dog-paddle without splashing too much.

You can see pictures of her in the water on Flickr.

Chris Moonbeams said...

Hi, I was surfing the internet and came across your blog. I'm quite impressed , with how it makes such good reading.

This is one to watch.

Many thanks,

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