Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Louise gets a new bed

Louise used to sleep on our bed, which was okay, except for the fact that she would take up the middle third of the bed. Another problem was that our bed is too high for her to jump up on by herself, so she would need us to assist her up. Of course, she had no hesitations on jumping down, even though it was against doctor's orders.

So we got a little bed for her. Once I got the blanket stuffed into the wicker, she was curious enough to hop in and test it for comfort. Ten minutes later she was roaming the house, bringing toys and bones to the bed, making it her own.

Louise got used to the bed for the better part of an afternoon, so that when it came time to settle down, she already liked it and didn't put up too much fuss about not sleeping with us. Of course, we move her bed close to ours at night, so she doesn't feel isolated, and we have also kicked the cats off the bed. (Yeah, you are starting to get a sense of why we are here, aren't you? The bed was CROWDED.)

Setting up the bed when we did proved to have an additional use, which we discovered when company arrived for Thanksgiving dinner. One of our guests was moderately allergic to dogs, so before they arrived, we were busy cleaning the pet hair, etc. off the couches and rugs. By moving her bed into the living room, we were able to keep Louise off the couches (for the most part) and our guest was able to enjoy the entire evening without suffering any breathing problems.


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Endless Drool said...

Hmm... I wonder if that would work with Emma. Though I must admit, I've gotten used to sleeping on the edge of the bed.

iTripped said...

Man, trust me it is SO WORTH IT.

Louise still tries to get on the bed ever night, but with encouragement she settles down after a few minutes. No whining, just that look with the pleading eyes. Of course, it helps that our bed is high enough that she can't jump on it by herself.

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