Thursday, September 22, 2005

Louise loves yardsales

One of the things we like to do on our weekends is browse yard sales. (Otherwise known as Garage Sales.) For Louise, this is a fantastic opportunity to get extra attention from strangers, as well as to hopefully sniff out a few more baby toys to play with. Also, we usually run into some other dogs.

Louise loves meeting other dogs, although they aren't always so fond of meeting her.

But on this day, Louise discovered a cat, and strangely, the cat didn't just run away. This cat was very interested in what Louise was up to. It was also smart enough to stay just out of reach. Louise begged and pleaded to get a 'closer look' and kicked up such a fuss that she and I had to temporarily leave the garage sale for a 'prayer meeting.'

I guess cats will be cats which means they will usually want to taunt dogs. I know ours do, from time to time. And dogs will be dogs, by consistently taking the bait, just like Louise did here.


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