Friday, September 16, 2005

Sitting in the sun

Sitting pretty
We paused to pose for some pictures along our daily walk.
Well here we are on a sunny Friday afternoon. We were practicing some off-leash trainging, reviewing commands like heel, sit and stay. Generally speaking, she's pretty good so long as there aren't distractions.

Today was a good day for Louise, because she managed to get her picture in the local paper. Yesterday the United Way held a fundraising event, and the newspaper photographer was there to capture her photo.

Sadly, it wasn't front page colour, like she hoped.

Tiresome photoshoot
Louise only has so much patience for photoshoots.
Still, she had a fun time meeting the volunteers. One of them kept telling Louise she reminded him of his wife. We weren't sure if he was being nice or not, but nobody got upset, so we let it go.

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