Monday, August 15, 2005


dogpark sign
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Ahh, the dog park. Believe me, this is one of Louise's favorite places. Always a great spot to meet other dogs, or at least to leave messages (if you don't own a dog, don't ask about how they do this.)

This is such a popular spot with Louise that we can't even mention 'dogpark' unless we intend on walking her there that moment. We have started to refer to it as 'the DP' instead. The nice thing about this park is that there is a section for families, with a playground, etc. and an ungroomed section for dogs. The dogs are allowed to dig holes, run off leash, generally play and sniff around in a relaxed manner.

Another yawn in the sunshine
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This next shot was taken the same day, on our morning walk. Louise had just met a young dog named Max. They played chase for a while, until Louise admitted that she couldn't keep up with such a young and energetic dog. His longer legs complicated matters even worse for her. But she was a good sport about it, and chased him for several minutes just for the fun of it. Before our walk home, I gave her a chance to rest. Since the grass was still damp, she felt the best way to cool off was to roll around in it.

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