Wednesday, August 17, 2005


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Last night we had rain for the first time in quite a while. So for the first time in months, the raincoat came out of the closet. Not that it was entirely neccesary, since the rain had stopped by morning. But things were still wet, and someone-who-shall-remain-nameless has a nasty habit of rolling around in wet grass and bushes, so it was decided to use the raincoat. While putting it on, we discovered a slight problem: with the new harness we got for Louise, there now is no place to attach the leash when the raincoat is on. This was only a minor problem, as it is generally quiet enough on our street that we can do the morning walk without the leash.

Action Shot!
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This next shot was an experiment to see if the camera could take a good picture while we were walking. I consider it to be a partial success, as the right parts of the photo are in focus. Generally speaking, Louise doesn't mind either the harness, or the raincoat, although she does pause every few minutes to adjust. (she does this by shaking her coat)

We did run across one of our neighbors on our walk today, and got the usual reaction when she saw Louise in her rain gear. She laughed and said Louise looked adorable.


Rae said...

Brian won't let me buy Layla clothes. I am envious-she IS adorable!!

iTripped said...

Well these clothes are more utilitarian in nature. We aren't big fans of dressup dogs either. Especially when people dress them up like flowers or hotdogs. But she also has a few sweaters and coats for the colder seasons.