Saturday, October 23, 2010

Welcome to the haunted season

On our lunch break the other day, Louise and I walked over to the Olympic Village to check things out. Well to be honest, I was just curious to see how progress was coming along for the new London Drugs location as it is super convenient in relation to the office. Sadly, they are still painting the walls and such, so it is still a few weeks away from opening.

While there we did discover an overly tall patch of decorative grass, and I managed to persuade Louise into getting a couple good shots. She didn't really mind and we had a pretty good walk before heading back to work.

Fast forward to this morning when we headed out for our morning walk. Louise was raring to go, so we decided to head down to Coal Harbour to see the boats. We did that, but there wasn't much going on. I guess it's not really boating season anymore. On our way back though, Louise found some really nice leaves to rummage around in. The only complication I had was that it made it a little more difficult for me (as dog owners, you know what I am talking about) to pick up after her.

Still, Louise was not perturbed and we carried on our way, encountering more sidewalks covered in leaves. Oddly enough, we didn't stop to chase any chestnuts, although I do recall seeing her searching for some.

Later on we were out for our afternoon walk, and noticed that there was a 'citizen protest' going on against the proposed rental tower to be built in our neighborhood. There were dozens of people gathered, listening to various people take turns to speak. We took a pamphlet and kept going home though as by then it was lightly raining and Louise was pretty much done walking.

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Wilma said...

What great pictures of Louise in the tall grass. She is such a photogenic girl.