Saturday, October 16, 2010

Octoberfest includes Chestnuts

Okay, this first photo is of Louise with yet another chestnut in her mouth. What is unusual about this one is that she decided it was the right one to start chewing on, and managed to drive one of her K9 teeth so deep into it that I had to pull it off the tooth for her.

At least there was no risk of her choking on it. Sheesh. Still, she has oodles of fun with this, as evidenced by her furious tail wagging. I took a brief video of her chasing chestnuts, which I will add to the end of this post.

Of course, chestnuts aren't the only thing going on this time of the year - oh no. Last weekend while on our morning walk we got a call from Holly who was wondering what we should have for brunch. We decided that it would be a good idea to go to Starbucks and get some pumpkin spice lattes, along with a few things to eat as well. It was a bit of an indulgence but that was okay because Louise just loves waiting outside a Starbucks coffee shop - I think she assumes that there will be some treats in it for her if she does. She sure likes her Vancouver Island oat bars.

Of course she's right too, when we got home we ate our snacks (and shared a little with Louise) and drank our drinks - but ultimately concluded that the pumpkin spice latte is far too sweet for it to taste good. We have also tried a similar drink at Blendz but had similar results there too. It might be nice to find a pumpkin spiced drink that had the spice like a chai tea and a good pumpkin flavour without being filled with sugar on top.

Not that Louise cared one iota. She got her oat bar.


Minnie Moo said...

Lincoln loves chestnuts too...even though he gets yelled at. Maybe you all should start a support group.


Minnie Moo

The Mama Monster said...

Awww I got an error with the video... My dogs love Starbucks... Our's keeps doggie treats on hand so Hunter and Lola get very excited when mommy wants a caramel macchiato!!! =)

~The Mama Monster

Leigh said...

Aw cute...I always love pug breathing and grunting. I know it's a lot of hard work chasing chest go Louise. It made me miss my I hugged him. LOL.

Sandy said...

Look at that tail go!