Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just another Thursday night

One of the local radio stations felt the need to quote Maxim magazine on one of their 'top ten' lists - this one was a list of ways you can tell that you are looking at a.. well I won't repeat the name here, but suffice it to say, that's only because Louise is too classy to stoop to their level. Long story short, people with dog strollers made the list.

There, I got it out of my system without swearing or calling them names. I know the list is supposedly for entertainment purposes and all, but it really got under my skin for a while. Anyway, since then we have been using the stroller quite a bit, and my wife has been wearing her new label with pride. Once again I find myself learning lessons from her in how to deal with crap that comes our way.

Moving on to more pleasant things, I took the photo of Louise in front of the bike just this evening. I've seen this bike around town a bit and like it a lot. Louise was gracious enough to give me a cool 'forward looking' pose even though she was actually quite tired and wasn't into walking much this evening. This is how I'm transitioning out of the negativity I started this post with and into things that are more positive. Work with me here, okay?

The last two shots were taken while we waited for our drink order to be prepared. We had stopped at Chicco cafe again because their drinks are just that tasty. The last one is extra clear because I was playing around with some of the features on my trusty digicam, this time with the timer delay. It's amazing what a difference it makes when you aren't holding the camera (and it's not being wiggled and shaken by you). Even though Louise was feeling kind of tired tonight, after a little rest at Chicco she was able to continue home with the usual pep in her step.


Sandy said...

Your pictures are always good--but that last one is indeed clear. I have the same problem using the window to frame and shoot--I get more shaky shots.

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Tuni uses a dog stroller too like Louise and we will wear the lable with pride. They just don't get that older dogs love to walk but sometimes just can't make it all the way. We always love seeing Louise's smiling face!

Laila said...

Louise's smiling face is relaxing...the picture is so cute it takes away my it...

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