Saturday, December 19, 2009

Louise and I were going in to the office this Saturday and she was full of energy. Perhaps it was because it was her first walk of the day or maybe she was just excited because the temperatures are once again above freezing. All I know for certain was that she was quite happy and rambunctious as we made our way toward the skytrain.

Part of the time Louise was walking alongside the stroller
(making short detours to sniff at trees and fire hydrants) and part of the time she was riding in the stroller. While this is normal, today she behaved as if the stroller was her 'command perch' from where she could bark orders and get a better view.

She certainly was enjoying herself.

At any rate, we had an enjoyable walk into the office. Once here Louise knew the drill (settle down and let me get some work done) but before that happened she had to run about the place to burn off some steam. Personally I think she was excited because she knew that I would be buying pizza for the guys who showed up on a Saturday. Louise likes to 'help out' with the crusts.

Oh yeah - as we were entering the skytrain station I forgot to mention: Louise noticed some advertisements for Fido - a local cellphone provider who use puppies in their advertisements. One in particular featured a Saint Bernard puppy and Louise took exception to it. She would bark every time she saw that ad, and lucky me, it was plastered everywhere in the station. I was very happy to see the train finally arrive as she is normally quite subdued once we are inside.

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