Sunday, August 02, 2009

Return of the Skateboards

How perfect is this shot? Louise on a skateboard with tequila. Kevin had his skateboard in the office and well, Louise likes to play with the toys when available. Well ok, not really. The tequila was Kevin's as well and he was getting ready to head out for the day when the idea struck him to have Louise test drive his board. After a few shots for everybody things started to get a little crazy.

Honestly, it was still too hot for any drunken craziness. But Louise and I certainly did take in the fireworks. Unlike a lot of other dogs, Louise isn't bothered by the noise at all. She usually lounges in her stroller and watches the crowd unless it is a good show. This year involved a lot of crowd watching although she was pretty happy when someone offered her a meatball. Suddenly it became the 'Best Fireworks Show Ever'.

At this point though, it's a lazy day for us. We were out for a quick walk in the late morning just before the Pride parade but were too late to get a good spot to view the parade so we didn't stick around. Now we are hiding indoors until it cools off a bit before taking Louise to the beach, again to get cool. Judging by the way she is sleeping, I figure she's ok with that plan. Oh, and as mentioned before, Greg did put up another wiggly of Louise. Enjoy!


Sandy said...

I enjoyed the new wiggly of Louise. BTW--what is a 'civic holiday'in Canada? It must be a slow holiday month since that was the only holiday listed (except for the Virgin Mary) for the whole month!!

iTripped said...

Well that's because you are forgetting August 25th, my birthday! Obviously an important holiday in August.

The first Monday in August is BC Day here in British Columbia, and is called other names in other provinces, but is essentially the same thing - an excuse for a long weekend in the summer.

Sandy said...

Sounds good to me!