Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The temperatures in Vancouver are uncharacteristically hot right now. People are uncomfortable at night and lunch decisions are based primarily on if the location has air conditioning or not.

This morning Louise opted to ride in the stroller the whole way to work. No time for messing about outside where a pug can easily overheat.

We happen to have guests at our office this week, all the way from Venezuela. They are customers here for product training and while I did tell them I was putting their photo on the internet, I did not ask if I could post their names. So they will remain nameless customers, even though they were very happy to be introduced to Louise.

As usual, Louise was happy to meet the new people. Any attention she gets from strangers is good attention so she had no problems with being coddled and posing for the camera. I'm not sure, but Louise might have to do a little overtime with another day at the office this Friday. Anything to keep the customers happy.

Of course, that wasn't all that happened today. Tommy and I also met Greg for lunch and while Louise played coy she was certainly happy to see him again. I suggest visiting his blog as he was up to his usual tricks with cameras. I suspect there will be another wiggly photo of Louise coming up.

Unfortunately the air conditioning is only in the office. For lunch we walked over to Science World to eat at the secret White Spot location. There were a couple older ladies there who were asking if Louise could have a french fry. (The answer was 'No.') They were asking all sorts of questions about her and sneaking pets while we waited for our orders to be prepared. Louise entertained them by being her usual self and thankfully didn't beg for their food. We chose to eat in the shade because it was just too hot in the sun. Even so, Louise was fading by the end of the visit so by the time we got back in the office I had to get her wet to help cool her down. Twenty minutes later she was cool but exhausted so she slept until the end of the shift.

She is asleep now and we have the temperatures under control in our condo. Sometimes it helps to live in a shaded ground floor unit. I just heard the first warning shot go off for the fireworks so I should wrap things up as we hope to head out to see the show. Yes, Louise will join us. That trooper will wake up the instant I put my shoes on, guaranteed.


Sandy said...

It has been hot all over the west coast--but Louise looks pretty good in her stroller ;-). I love Greg's pictures--I hope he has found a new job.

iTripped said...

He has! He is coming back to work for us on a 3 month contract, starting in Sept.

Expect many more Louise-themed wigglies to follow, on his site.

Heather and Walter said...

Walter was hit by a car 3 weeks ago, and is recovering slowly. We're putting our stroller to the test now too. Problem is he's so happy to be out he gets a little tasmanian-devily in there! scratching and barking etc. We'll look on your blog for stroller tips!

iTripped said...

Heather, my advice is to listen to Walter on when he wants out of the stroller. Let him walk when he's a devil - it will burn his ample energy and when he starts getting lazy put him back in. He will be less inclined to bark that way.