Sunday, December 21, 2008

They don't salt the dog park

It's snowing again today and Louise just loves it. Well, most of it. The salt people put down on their walkways does bother her paws quite a bit so I find I have to carry her over those blocks. Lately, it has also been getting cold enough for her to mind it. But really, she's pretty hardy in the colder weather so when it gets that cold, I mind it too.

Luckily, the dog park is 100% salt free and nicely frozen over which means it is a packed down snowy area that dogs can roam without getting salt on their paws. It also means a lot less mess as the mud is all frozen and under the layer of packed snow. It's like the best time of the year for the dog park!

Louise hasn't spent a lot of time with the regular crew of dogs that hang out here - when the weather is warmer and wetter we tend to walk along the sea wall instead, again because it is less mess. Also, there tends to be more people for her to meet as it is fairly touristy. But I think she doesn't mind either way, so long as she is getting out to do some exploring.

Having said all that, we are certainly getting a lot more snow today than we normally would. My family on the east coast have been teasing me lately as their temperatures (which are normally much colder than ours) have been about the same, or warmer than here.

Okay, I am going to leave off this post with a photo from the last visit into the office, as Louise was working on a 'broccoli bone' that she got from one of my coworkers. It's just one of the many photos we took that day that didn't make it into an earlier post. Hope you like it.

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Sandy said...

I didn't realize that salt was that hard on feet. Ice and snow yes, but I guess I never thought about the salt.