Saturday, December 27, 2008

Last post of the year (almost)

Last Tuesday was of course Louise's day in the office. On Monday we had a brutal snowstorm and we were still cleaning up the next day. At one point Greg, Andy and Neil headed out to Burger King for lunch and since I had some meetings, they took Louise with them for the walk.

Greg hesitantly took a poop bag.

I only got a few photos as they headed out in the snow but I am sure that Greg got a bunch so you might want to check his blog to see what he comes up with. The snow did start again before the end of the day so we headed home a little earlier than normal. This was because the way in was a lot of work! It was a pretty cold morning so that meant the salt was stinging Louise's paws and she would have to be carried if I saw a lot of salt down, or if she happened to get into some I did not see and started to limp. Since we were going to work, that meant she could ride in the stroller... unless the stroller was not able to be pushed across the street because of all the snow.

So there I was, walking with a dog in one arm and a folded stroller in the other - since neither one was able to move along the uncleared path to the office. And to think I was griping because the streets in my neighborhood were not plowed. At least the various appartment buildings and condos kept their walkways relatively clear. But with a couple car lots and some unoccupied light industrial buildings along the way, there weren't a lot of people to clear the sidewalks - just look at the stuff Greg and Louise were trudging through.

Lastly, I've uploaded a photo taken from our office window near the end of the day, to give a better sense of what the streets were looking like. Oh yeah - it snowed the next day too. It's been fun!


Sandy said...

Poor Louise(and you) what a horrible time for a walk (and to do her business:-) Have a happy (and safe) new year. I have enjoyed following Louise and her people and look forward to next year.

Brutus said...

Happy Holidays Louise. I love the pic of you in the snow. I love snow too!

Punchbugpug said...

Poor Louise! and poor you....I can remember lugging stroller days with children...not easy!