Monday, November 24, 2008

More photos from the visit with Nikita

Well it seems that we have more photos to share from Louise's visit with Nikita. They packed a lot into just a few days, including a few car chases! As you can see, the 'car' in question is a remote controlled toy that Louise had fun running after. I haven't been back to work yet so I don't have all the details but getting emails with photos is certainly better than emails with complaints!

Judging by the pics I'd say that Louise had a swell time and got along well with Nikita and little Josh. She seems to also have found their sofa and blanket, just like she would at our place. Crazy little dog, I bet you didn't even ask before hopping up.

One thing we have noticed since getting back is that Louise has a bit of a sore throat. We notice it in her breathing, it is a little raspier. I'm guessing that with the extra activity and barking that she wore out her voice box a bit! Also, she only ate about half of her food while away and was looking rather thin. Now that she is home with cats roaming close by her food, I suspect she will return to eating more regularly though.

Thanks again Yvette for taking your turn looking after Louise while we were away. We really appreciated knowing that Louise was staying someplace comfortable.

PS - I forgot that I thanked you last post! I guess it's still too early in the morning for this sort of thing.

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