Sunday, September 07, 2008

Davie Day

This Saturday was Davie Day, a celebration that shuts down Davie Street along a stretch of about ten blocks. There were vendors, politicians, charity organizations and more all set up in booths lining the street. Most importantly, there was a pay by donation dog bathing service.

We quickly signed up.

Louise was due for a bath, and how could we say no? There was even a waiting line of other dogs who had already paid for their turn. Most of the owners were giggling to themselves because their dogs could see what was up and also that there was nowhere to run. Luckily for us, Louise doesn't mind baths so long as you can keep water out of her face.

The volunteers were also pleased to see a smaller dog come by as the last few were larger and hairier than Louise, which meant a lot more work. After getting cleaned up, we toured the street and then headed home.

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Sandy said...

She certainly does look like she is enjoying herself!