Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Cheering up an Angel

While walking past Bark and Fitz recently, we happened to notice Angel sleeping at the door. It turns out that she really likes to sun herself - something that Louise assumed was just cat behaviour so far, since both of our cats like that habit.

This was not a stop where we could get treats though, at least not on this particular visit. We recently changed Louise's food and since then she has had a little trouble adjusting to it. 
It meant that one night was sleepless for her and us and now we are watching to make sure that things are returning back to
 normal. Nothing too worrisome, but certainly not the environment where treats and other stuff should be added to the mix. Maybe after her digestive system settles down a bit.

Still, it was a nice morning for a walk and Louise had fun meeting Angel. 


Sandy said...

Poor thing, in that top picture she looks very puzzled about the sleeping dog ;-)

Cindy said...

Angel is so cute! I know she is the CEO of Bark and Fitz.