Friday, August 15, 2008

Sit down protest

Louise has her own way of communicating with us. She usually only barks when she is excited, so if she is not enthused over something, we have to look for other cues. For example, if she doesn't feel like going on her regular walk, or if we are going in a direction away from the pet store, she will sometimes do a 'sit down protest' where she basically refuses to move. I've seen the same thing near the entrance to our condo when she doesn't want to go inside yet. Usually she can be coerced if need be. But she's pretty clear at getting her point across.

On the flip side, sometimes I am the one who is feeling tired while walking and I want to sit on a bench for a bit. Louise will usually sit with me until she is ready to resume walking. This typically gives me a minute or two before she gets restless, at which point she will no longer be content to sit on the bench, or really anywhere at all. If I don't get up right away, she will sometimes sigh heavily to express her impatience.


Sandy said...

Well, it IS a ladies perogative (probably spelled wrong) to be as contrary as possible--especially when dealing with mere males. ;-) It keeps them in their place (this probably applies to all humans in her sway).

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pugfreak said...

Raoul does the same thing outside our building when he doesn't want to end the walk yet AND ditto on the direction of the walk. Too funny!