Monday, July 07, 2008

Tired, but wanting to walk anyway

I took Louise out for a walk around nine in the evening and could tell that she was not feeling very energetic. Just the same, she was pretty determined to go for a good walk, and if I slowed the pace or sat on a bench for a bit, Louise was the one who looked impatient. Not that I really minded though. It's just that I could tell she was tired, so I was making sure that I didn't walk her too far.

It was a nice night for a walk though, and a little bit cool - perfect temperatures for her, as we are now in the season where dogs like Louise can overheat easily. In the first picture you can see that her tail is down, and not curled. This is Louise's 'energy meter' on most days, with it going down only when she is exhausted. This is why I was stopping at the park benches - I figured she was done.

The last laugh was on me, when she wanted to go out for a brief run at about eleven thirty.

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