Sunday, July 06, 2008

A new look for the blog

As you have probably noticed, Louise's website has had a bit of a freshening up recently. I updated her template in blogger to take advantage of some of the new functionality that lets me edit the layout the way I like.

I hope you like the new look.

This photo was taken today when Louise and I were out walking just before supper. She was in good spirits but wasn't overly active as we had her up late last night as friends were over for a birthday party. Louise didn't mind since they spent a lot of time petting her and trying to feed her drinks. The crazy dog actually tried to drink it too! I was amazed, because usually Louise wants nothing to do with what I am drinking if there is alcohol in it. Of course, I usually want nothing to do with the glass if she was to put her muzzle in it, so I don't try very often. But here was this pug trying to get her drink on at the party - it's a good thing it was a tall glass and she couldn't get to the drink. I don't want to imagine how unruly she might become while under the influence.

Enough jokes, she was very good while we had company in, which is always nice. Our condo isn't very large, so if people come over they generally have to accept that we have animals about - we aren't really able to shut them into the bedroom while entertaining and besides, that wouldn't be very entertaining for us.

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