Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Morning

Like a few other dogs in the area, Louise headed out early this morning to 'get her church on'. If you look closely, you can see the angelic glow in the first picture. Okay, that was me playing with the brightness and contrast, but it was taken on the church grounds, which just happens to be the closest place for her to sniff some grass and stretch her legs a bit.

In other news, we got a different harness for Louise, and it seems to work pretty well. The two black straps go under her forelegs and hook into the top of the collar - the effect is that when she pulls against the leash, she doesn't also choke herself half to death. (Yes, we have experienced the choking as she dashes after a car, only to catch the full length of the lead after about three strides and plenty of momentum.)

1 comment:

Puddleglum said...

I need a new harness. I'm outgrowing mine.

You know it's bad when your rolls of skin make your harness disappear.

I need that new workout DVD for pugs-- you know? Three Year Abs?