Thursday, July 03, 2008

Looking back through the archives

When I upload photos from my camera to my computer, I tend to make a folder and name it after the current date. I haven't replaced my camera yet, so today's photo is from June 20th. Given the title, I figured this was a good photo to include.

For Canada Day, we packed Louise up in her stroller and headed down to the seawall. From there we took the aquabus across False Creek to the Granville Island Market, where all kinds of things were going on. The stroller turned out to be a very good idea, since it helped prevent Louise from getting trampled in the crowds. After spending the morning there, we crossed back over False Creek and headed up to Robson street for cupcakes and a live jazz performance. I got a few pictures on my cell phone, but haven't been able to upload them yet.

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