Monday, June 30, 2008

In the office a day early this week

Here in Canada, we take July 1st as a national holiday. It also happens to be our wedding anniversary so it is kind of nice to know that there is always fun things to do around town (free cake, parades, fireworks, etc) and it is also a day off from the office.

This year, Canada day falls on a Tuesday, and that also happens to be Louise's work day so it worked out that she would come in today (Monday) instead. A lot of people at work opted to take Monday off as well as Tuesday (for a super-long weekend) so that left Louise a little more bored than usual. Also, it's getting quite nice outside, which means I will probably get her soaked before we go home tonight as I'm sure she is going to overheat.

Today's pictures have been taken a while ago. I broke my camera this weekend so I don't think I will be taking quite so many photos until I get it replaced. I had it in my pants pocket and it got slightly crushed while I was moving some furniture - the LCD on the back cracked and no longer works. It still takes a fine picture though, if I happen to point it at the right spot. But without the LCD panel I also cannot adjust any of the settings, so it's really not very useful anymore. Still, I have taken LOTS of photos with that camera, so I should be able to continue updating this blog while I sort out my technical difficulties. The first one is my attempt to catch her as she kicks over some grass, something that happens after she 'does her business'. She can get carried away with this at times and grass can sometimes land on her back. Somehow, she likes it best that way. The second is a typical 'Louise, please stay while I take your photo' shot.

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