Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bath Night

We ran out of pet shampoo a little while ago, so Louise has been going a while without having to take a bath. As time went on, this became less and less acceptable. She's not the kind of dog that gets really stinky (or at least we don't let her get to that point) but after a day of rolling around on just about every lawn she came across, we decided enough was enough.

On our nightly walk we stopped into Bosley's, where she got her usual complimentary doggie treats - Louise has learned that if she sits, she gets more pupperoni, so when we entered, Louise decided the first thing she should do is to sit, right in the entrance. That of course didn't last long as she couldn't wait for the people in the store to bring the treats to her, so she had to run over to them.

Eventually we did get some shampoo and Louise finally got her bath. As usual, she is never really 'impressed' during these times, but she does tolerate things fairly well, so long as I can keep the water out of her eyes. I guess technically Louise doesn't bathe - she showers. It's just a lot easier to use the shower nozzle to point the water at her. I got a few of the obligatory dog-shakes, but other than that, she waits for me to wrap her in a towel and carry her into the living room to be properly dried off.

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Puddleglum said...

Oh, I hate baths too! I sympathize: my humans just gave me one of those.

How in the world do you stay still after you're let out of the bath? I go nuts trying to dry myself off!